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Gathering for Worship @ King's Cross

By Pastor Dennis Hermerding in King's Cross Cypress 10 months ago | 47 views
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Paul loved the church in Philippi, and referred to them as his “joy and crown” (Phil 4:1). You can read about the founding of the church in Philippi in Acts 16.

In his letter to the Philippians, Paul addresses a large part of what it means to live as a Christian in a world that does not value your faith. While commending the generosity and loyalty of the Christians at Philippi he also urges them to consider what truly motivates their thinking and to pursue joy. While all kinds of things seek to cause division Paul urges his readers to pursue unity and remember their treasured position as citizens of heaven. The concept of joy is seen throughout the letter and Paul presses his readers to consider where joy is to be found. It is not to be found in the accumulation of possessions, position or prestige; it is not controlled by circumstances or diminished by struggles or difficulties. Paul says joy comes from knowing and growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Paul writes this letter from jail and yet rejoices because of his opportunity to share the good news of Jesus as one who is in union with Christ and communing with him continually. This letter covers a wide range of things we need to know as we seek to follow Jesus like: friendship, finances, doctrine, mission, unity, and the centrality of Christ.

Plan to join with us as we learn about the Church at Philippi and pursue joy!

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March 18
10:00 am – 11:30 am
16002 Coles Crossing Dr
Cypress TX 77429
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8 people
are coming
Sarah Smith (1)

Pastor Dennis Hermerding (1)

Chris Miller (5)

Katy Bargas (1)

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